Appello online event: Monitoring Services Demonstration Webinar and Q&A’s

Thursday 9th April, 2020 at 1.30pm

Presented by. Tim Barclay, CEO and Shane Blackley, Training and Development Lead.
Followed by Q&A session with Gill Atkey, Monitoring Director and Carl Atkey, Chief Technical Officer.

Why you should watch
  • Take an in depth look at CareNet our award-winning platform and discover how it enables best in class monitoring services that improve outcomes for residents.
  • Learn how CareNet Connect, part of AppelloSBR gives you control over your resident’s data. Enabling you to improve processes, create efficiencies and ultimately deliver greater services to customers.
  • See how you will have access to service usage at your fingertips, and how data for reporting is available in just a few clicks.
  • Hear how CareNet Connect will support you in meeting your GDPR requirements, ensuring data is handled securely.

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